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China emergency respirator manufacturers

  • Emergency Escape Small Compressed Oxygen Respirator

    Emergency Escape Small Compressed Oxygen RespiratorEmergency escape small compressed Oxygen respirator . Working pressure 2900psi. . Application: Keep people from poison gas ,frog and Oxygen-deficiency situation while emergency in factory, office, hotel, ship and entertainment spot etc. . Advantage: High standard of safety, lightweight and...Read More

  • 6.8L Carbon Fiber SCBA Respirator

    6.8L Carbon Fiber SCBA Respirator4500psi Firefighting SCBA compressed air breathing apparatus SCBA . Application: Typically adopted under the environment of toxic chemical gas and Oxygen deficiency. . The full set equipment includes: SCBA air tank, full-face mask, backplate, gauge, safety valve, pressure reducer valve,...Read More