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Why Should Air Compressor With PCP Carbon Fiber Tank?
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Why should air compressor with PCP Carbon Fiber Tank?
Assuming the air compressor is not equipped with PCP Carbon Fiber Tank, then the compressed air directly in the gas terminal, with gas terminal with a little, air compressor compression point, repeated loading and unloading will cause a great burden on air compressors, air compressor Basically, as long as the open will stop, stop and then reload!
The main role of PCP Carbon Fiber Tank: 1, storage of air, to meet the gas equipment suddenly instantaneous increase in gas consumption needs; 2, storage of air, to eliminate the pulse of the pipeline in the air. 3, the initial cooling of the air, so that part of the liquid water precipitation. So the PCP Carbon Fiber Tank to regularly drain; 4, can guarantee the air compressor automatic shut down, under the set pressure PCP Carbon Fiber Tank a full air compressor will automatically shut down, and will not let the air compressor has been running And waste of electricity. We can through the following aspects to do a deep understanding:
1, air compressor action
As the air compressor movement range is relatively large, so frequently in the work to open and stop the pressure vessel, then increase the wear and tear of the valve, on the other hand also make the oil circuit is unstable, which caused the machine is not Stability, but if the configuration of the PCP Carbon Fiber Tank, then this situation will be relatively reduced.
2, energy saving effect
Air compressor frequent start and stop, so the motor current consumption will be very large, so the use of the state of the air compressor will be no load, this state if the stay is very long, then Wasting a lot of traffic. But if equipped with a PCP Carbon Fiber Tank air system, then the stability of the air compressor will stop, you can ensure that the work is very stable, reduce the unnecessary idle energy waste.
3, to provide a stable gas source
Why do you want to bind PCP Carbon Fiber Tank? If there is PCP Carbon Fiber Tank in the air compressor system, the air compressor output air has a buffer place, the air supply can be better kept in a set value, the gas system can get a constant pressure, which for the modern factory Use is very necessary.
4, good air quality
Air compressor out of the compressed air, first sent to the PCP Carbon Fiber Tank, which will stay inside the air for a certain period of time, can precipitate impurities in the air and other foreign matter, compressed air temperature is reduced, that is, no freeze dryer, Can also send better quality air.
In fact, the role of savings is a reservoir, air compressor is a gas source, and PCP Carbon Fiber Tank is a pool. PCP Carbon Fiber Tank can set the pressure in a certain pressure range, the buffer pressure fluctuations, reduce the number of air compressor start, the other PCP Carbon Fiber Tank can also play the precipitation of impurities in the air moisture Foreign body function.
The use and maintenance of PCP Carbon Fiber Tank is very skillful. If the maintenance is improper, it may cause the gas quality is not high, there are unpredictable problems such as security risks. Therefore, you can remind us here. To the PCP Carbon Fiber Tank to do some proper maintenance and maintenance. Just like treating a PCP Carbon Fiber Tank with an air compressor, and an additional pressure vessel that needs to be inspected annually. It must be checked for the specified time. Keep this in mind for safe use of pressure vessels.
1, maintenance personnel or designated operators at least once a day to the PCP Carbon Fiber Tank at least 1 of the drainage
2, to always check the pressure vessel PCP Carbon Fiber Tank on top of the tank pressure relief valve is normal
3, always pay attention to the PCP Carbon Fiber Tank pressure gauge values and location of the normal and normal, the release of pressure when the normal pressure gauge position in the "0" state
4, observe the intake process, piping and PCP Carbon Fiber Tank tank leakage, until the use of pressure until
5. Check whether there is corrosive gas and fluid around PCP Carbon Fiber Tank every day
6, check the pressure gauge indication every day, when the PCP Carbon Fiber Tank pressure indicator is abnormal (ie PCP Carbon Fiber Tank pressure gauge failure), if the failure should understand the replacement; the maximum working pressure should be less than PCP Carbon Fiber Tank maximum work Pressure, if PCP Carbon Fiber Tank pressure is higher than the maximum working pressure, PCP Carbon Fiber Tank safety valve should be automatically opened, or should immediately stop the intake and give maintenance