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Which Specifications Of The Beverage Beverage CO2 Tank Need To Be Filmed
- Aug 01, 2017 -

Which specifications of the beverage Beverage CO2 Tank need to be filmed
I remember a lot of people asked me such a question, why buy drinks Beverage CO2 Tank also need to record it, then here as a senior consultant for many years, I will use the beverage Beverage CO2 Tank users and will soon become a beverage carbon dioxide cans of popular science Why should we record it? In fact, the reason is very simple, from the beverage Beverage CO2 Tank function, performance up speaking, the beverage Beverage CO2 Tank is used to store compressed liquid after the liquid tank, since it is compressed after the gas, then the inevitable pressure and , Is the pressure storage container category preparation, if it is by the buyers and air compressor with a matching to buy, then we can clearly know the purpose of the purchase, but if it is purchased separately, this time we do not know whether in the end Need to go to the relevant part of the record to register the normal use.
 In fact, beverage Beverage CO2 Tank in the factory to enter the supplier's sales process, under normal circumstances there will be one-on-one quality inspection and reporting documents, is the quality inspection record center certification report; this proof in accordance with the beverage Beverage CO2 Tank is divided into two , Which is simple and small volume of a cubic meter of the container, the proof of the file can be handled on their own, so that the cost of the relevant handling costs are relatively low, another volume of more than 1m3 volume is relatively large container, is a special large Of the container, so also need to be specified by the unit to prove that the normal use, while the cost will be relatively high.
Here to remind you, in the purchase of pressure, host and other equipment, we must remember the acceptance of the relevant test report file, note the file number and the tank on the same OEM number, if the acceptance of no relevant documents, you can refuse, and requested After the seller in the distribution, in the usual must also properly keep the certificate documents.
 Air compressor and beverage Beverage CO2 Tank connection often encounter some problems, sometimes there are two drinks Beverage CO2 Tank when an air compressor will not know how to install is more reasonable, two drinks can be directly connected to the use of carbon dioxide The The answer is yes, yes.
Usually connected when there will be two cases, one is two drinks Beverage CO2 Tank and air compressor, in series together, that is, air compressor behind the connection of a beverage carbon dioxide cans, and then connect another beverage Beverage CO2 Tank; another Kind of situation is two parallel in parallel with the air compressor air connection.
 First talk about the first connection - tandem, two beverages carbon dioxide cans with air compressor with a beverage Beverage CO2 Tank and air compressor connected in series after the entire air compressor system produces gas with a beverage Beverage CO2 Tank and an air pressure Machine connection is the same, so it is a waste, more harm than good.
The second approach: parallel, two drinks carbon dioxide can first parallel and then connected with the beverage Beverage CO2 Tank, this connection can be expanded to drink the volume of carbon dioxide cans, the actual volume is the sum of the volume of two drinks carbon dioxide cans, Can store more compressed air, while reducing the number of air compressor load, played a power, air compressor protection, to extend the service life of air compressor role, this approach has also been widely recognized by the industry.