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What Is The Relationship Between The Gas Tank And The Air Compressor?
- Aug 01, 2017 -

What is the relationship between the Gas Tank and the air compressor?
We generally see the air compressor in the factory next to a Gas Tank, air compressor can provide kinetic energy, energy saving, so as long as the need for kinetic energy plants will need air compressor. Gas Tank is the air compressor supporting facilities, no matter how small the pump or hundreds of cubic feet of air compressor, next to the Gas Tank should be accompanied by this humble Gas Tank, air compressor can not do without It, the role is also very obvious.
 For now, our country has made strict control and control of the purchase of this tank, for those who have a pressure value of the Gas Tank in the country quasi-qualified and qualified under the inspection, the quality of qualified to be able to sell The
There are many customers in order to save money, buy the kind of relatively cheap in the market a lot of Gas Tank, so that the use of the process there are many insecurity, such as the use of the process of sudden death, the use of time is too long, Or when the dirt is difficult to rule out the occurrence of occlusion, etc., which is usually not easy to pay attention to the details of life. Saving is good, but also to ensure that their own and family safety and stability under the premise, do not want to small series long-winded Oh, for security considerations or much more attention, you say right?
 Now Xiaobian to remind you how to buy the tank when the quality of its distinction is good or bad, first of all, in the country to allow the sale of Gas Tanks are generally with a manual and Gas Tank all kinds of qualified proof, Proof of the company's seal and the state requires external sales must prove the documents, these documents will have a similar ID code, each tank code is not the same, so in the course of the use of what The problem can be through these proofs to find the company to communicate and deal with, this is the certificate.
So, after understanding these little common sense, the purchase of Gas Tank, some easy to overlook the details of the attention, such as the purchase of it at the same time you will buy some ancillary accessories, so pay attention to view the receipt All kinds of materials similar to the instructions, inspection certificate and the like. After the maintenance will be less to a lot of trouble.
If you do not listen to Xiaobian's opinion, do not care about these materials, casually discarded, when the sudden to your local security department asked you to produce the certificate using the Gas Tank said: in the use of Gas Tank, there is no documents, Take out to see, there is no confiscated. This time and then think about the late estimate, not only need time, but also need a few hundred fees.
I remember a lot of people asked me such a question, why buy a Gas Tank also need to record it, then here as the European Union for many years senior adviser, I will use the Gas Tank users and the tank will soon become a user Popular science, why should the record? In fact, the reason is very simple, from the function of the tank, the performance comes up, the Gas Tank is used to store compressed liquid after the liquid tank, since it is compressed after the gas, then the inevitable pressure and , Is the pressure storage container category preparation, if it is by the buyers and air compressor with a matching to buy, then we can clearly know the purpose of the purchase, but if it is purchased separately, this time we do not know whether in the end Need to go to the relevant part of the record to register the normal use.