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Wet Gas Tank
- Feb 15, 2017 -

The lower part of the sink, the upper part of a number of steel plate welded by the lifting of the sleeve tower tower. Tower section with the amount of gas changes and movements. There is a water seal between the tower sections to ensure the connection and sealing between the tower sections. Tower section of the lifting method has a guide column and spiral rail type two. The column-type gas storage tank is provided with a guide pillar with a considerable rigidity formed by a guide post, a crossed rod and a ring beam. The guide wheel mounted on the upper end of the tower is slid up and down along the guide post (Fig. 1). Spiral rail type gas tank in the tower outside the wall with a 45 ° angle of the spiral guide rail, the tower at the top of the guide wheel can be rotated along the guide for movement and lift.

Sink can be made of steel plate, can also be used prefabricated or prefabricated concrete construction. As the weight of water in the tank is large, when the construction on the poor foundation, in order to prevent the tank settlement is too large can be used pile foundation, or the tank designed to ring to reduce water. In addition, the sink can be built in the ground, which can reduce the amount of settlement can also reduce the total height of the tank.