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The Characteristics Of A Beverage CO2 Tank
- Jul 18, 2017 -

The characteristics of a Beverage CO2 Tank

Beverage CO2 Tank be used in metal/non-metal adhesive and resin base high strength glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron fiber, aramid fiber and other composite materials products. Such as airplane door, fairing, airborne radar cover, bracket, wing, tail, etc. The following are the characteristics of the beverage can be introduced to the following:

1) Beverage CO2 Tank doors independently supported:

The Beverage CO2 Tank does not bear the Beverage CO2 Tank door itself, and the Beverage CO2 Tank will not be deformed by the Beverage CO2 Tank door itself.

2) Beverage CO2 Tank adopt the non-toothed three-ring structure door:

The Beverage CO2 Tank door is attached to the Beverage CO2 Tank without rotating, and the third ring is tightened. There is no obstruction to the can door switch.

The three ring structure door - the movable door is not rotated with the fixed door, close by the third ring card, the sealing ring will not wear out when opening and closing.

Door ring without tooth structure - opening and closing without having to be in the right (not like the tooth ring structure door to require the right, and will be due to the shape of the Beverage CO2 Tank ellipse deformation, the movement door pendant causing tooth slot card dead, interference door switch seal).

3) Beverage CO2 Tank self-sealing ring door:

The sealing ring of the Beverage CO2 Tank door depends on the compressed gas seal inside the beverage. The sealing ring is not squeezed by external force. The sealing ring will not be worn by friction because the door lock does not need to be rotated.

4) the sealing ring has a special cooling system:

In order to ensure the sealing ring is not heat damage, work temperature reaches above 200 ° C drink co2 Beverage CO2 Tank equipped with seal cooling system, so that the sealing washer at high temperatures have longer life.

5) unique heating system:

The heater of the multi-layer heating tube with fins is arranged in the inlet end of the centrifugal fan. The heat exchange between the circulating gas and the heater is very good, and the thermal energy efficiency is high.

6) use atomized water pre-cooling:

When it is cold, the air is atomized in the cooling water. Under the effect of compressed gas, the atomized water like gas co2 Beverage CO2 Tank evenly into the beverage cooler pipe, make every cooler cooling rate, make the cooler water is under thermal shock is small, small thermal deformation, and can accurately control drinks co2 Beverage CO2 Tank cooling rate.

7) specialized computing software:

It is used for the design of fan blade surface and the design of air duct and duct. High temperature consistency, can be up to + / - 1 ℃

8) DCS control system can be adopted:

DCS control system is large, reliable and safe. It is especially suitable for large beverage Beverage CO2 Tank.

Above is Beverage CO2 Tank characteristics of small make up to introduce, our company is a collection of scientific research, design, manufacture, sales and service in the integration of modern high-tech enterprises, the production of reliable product quality, by the broad masses of customer recognition and favor, welcome to inquire, looking forward to the cooperation with you.