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Study On Temperature Characteristics Of Natural Gas Hydrate In Carbon Fiber Air Tank
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Study on Temperature Characteristics of Natural Gas Hydrate in Carbon Fiber Air Tank
Carboniferous Tank and permafrost in the seabed and high latitudes have shown that there are a lot of natural gas hydrates in the sea area and its surrounding areas, including the continental slope of the northern South China Sea, the East China Sea slope, the Nansha trough and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qilian Mountains Permafrost, etc. At present, the monitoring of natural gas hydrate production mainly includes direct observation method, pressure judgment method, acoustic detection, CT technique and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging technology, etc., direct observation method and inferred hydrate formation by pressure change Although the method is low cost, but the accuracy is low.
Although the optical test is low and the performance is good, the hydrate in the Carbon Fiber Air Tank can only be detected, and the formation of hydrate in the porous medium can not be done. Although the acoustic testing technology has a good price, But can not produce intuitive images; CT technology and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can complete high-precision experimental study, but the higher price of porous media in the hydrate generation process monitoring technology and resistance and temperature - pressure resistance Method is the hydrate formation simulator to arrange multiple electrodes and give an electric field to measure the formation of hydrate by measuring the resistivity change between the different electrodes of the Carbon Fiber Air Tank. The temperature-pressure method is a more mature The method of monitoring the hydrate formation process is intuitive and the experiment cost is low. The measurement principle is the temperature change caused by the exothermic change of the gas hydrate generation. Liu Chunyang et al., On the self-designed gas hydrate generation test device, The lower the temperature, the faster the reaction rate of hydrate 13 Pang Wei Xin et al M through 10L static Carbon Fiber Air Tank found that gas temperature also had an important effect on the induction and production rate of methane hydrate. The lower the gas temperature, the shorter the generation period of methane hydrate formation and the faster the formation of methane hydrate. 13 At the same time, Can not be taken in time, Carbon Fiber Air Tank reaction liquid temperature will rise rapidly, resulting in methane hydrate formation rate quickly become smaller or even stop Yang Xin et al through 7L reactor above 0 ° C, 0 ° C near 0 ° C below the three different temperatures to produce methane hydrate, methane hydrate found in 0 ° C above the generation of relatively fast, near the ° C in the large amount of gas, hydrate distribution in the sand even more uniform.
The formation of hydrate below 0 ° C is mainly controlled by the diffusion of methane gas. Therefore, the analysis of the temperature data can be determined by the Carbon Fiber Air Tank to determine whether there is a gas hydrate formation, and it is also possible to qualitatively analyze the gas hydrate In this paper, the hydrate generation experiment was carried out by using the new three-dimensional simulation experiment device of natural gas hydrate, and the project was researched by the change of temperature and pressure. The project of National 973 Project (2009CB219507) YZ200717) Carbon Fiber Air Tank generation process of natural gas hydrate l3 1 experiment 1.1 Experimental device At home and abroad on the porous media in the gas hydrate research based on the experimental device, the development of large-scale three-dimensional gas hydrate generation system, can be porous media In the formation of methane hydrate experiments, the experimental device see, mainly by the liquid supply module, regulator air supply module, Carbon Fiber Air Tank, environmental simulation module and data acquisition module composed of 3 for the liquid module mainly includes electronic balance and advection pump, The balance is ALH- 30, measuring 30kg, measuring accuracy ± 2g, for accurate measurement of the injection of Carbon Fiber Air Tank liquid quality; Plow pump P MPal3 regulator gas supply module, including methane cylinders, pressure reducing valve and other experiments used for the volume of 99.9 % Pure methane gas Carbon Fiber Air Tank pressure 25 MPa, the effective volume of 117.75Ll3Carbon Fiber Air Tank is equipped with temperature sensors and pressure sensors, respectively, real-time record Carbon Fiber Air Tank temperature, pressure changes over time 13 of which the temperature The sensor is Pt1000 platinum resistance, range -50 ~ 200 ° (accuracy ± 0.1 °); pressure sensor range 301 \, fine gas flow meter ± 0.1% 13 electrode distributed in Carbon Fiber Air Tank, and to ensure that the electrode and stone