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Storage Tank Selection
- Feb 15, 2017 -

After installing the air compressor, it can not only store the compressed air, reduce the pressure pulsation caused by the continuous discharge of the compressor, realize the balance between the air supply and the gas, but also reduce the temperature of the compressed air, reduce the filter and dry The load of the agent. The choice of gas tank should pay attention to the following questions:

1, shell material: gas tank is a pressure vessel, shell commonly used materials are Q235-B, 16MnR, 16MnDR three. In accordance with GB150 "steel pressure vessel", different materials have different use and temperature range

2, the total height of the gas tank: gas room height of about 2.9 meters, taking into account the air supply often mobile transport, need to maintain sufficient rigidity and strength, the base height is generally 300mm, the roof made of slopes, The net height of the source room is 2 meters, all equipment can not exceed 2 meters, otherwise it can not be installed. To 2.5m & sup3; gas tank, for example,