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Safety Points For Gas Tank Cylinders
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Safety points for Gas Tank cylinders
Gas Tank there is a certain risk, the need for normal maintenance, so that you can better improve the use of efficiency, extend the service life, to ensure the safety of operation First, coated with anti-corrosion layer:
1, to maintain the tank Good proof of the working medium of the container body material corrosive, can be painted, spray or plating and lining, etc. to prevent the media on the container corrosion.
2, if the coating is damaged, the Gas Tank working medium will directly contact the container wall and produce corrosion. To keep the coating intact, to always check whether the anti-self-shedding, or in the loading and installation of the container when the attachment was scraped or crashed. Pay attention to whether the lining is cracked or whether there is a leak at the weld. Found that the tank corrosion layer damage, it should be timely repair before they can continue to use.
Second, the elimination of chemical corrosion factors:
1, only under certain conditions will be on the tank body material chemical corrosion, to try to eliminate this can cause the Gas Tank chemical corrosion factors.
2, there is a certain risk of storage tanks, the need for normal maintenance, so that you can better improve the use of efficiency, extend the service life, to ensure safe operation, such as oxygen-filled Gas Tank, often because of oxygen with more Water and water at the bottom of the container, causing severe corrosion of water and oxygen interfaces. To prevent such local corrosion, it is best to allow oxygen to dry, or in the container during the operation of the container often discharge the water.
3, the steel container alkali is caused by abnormal conditions (including equipment, process conditions) under the enrichment and enrichment of alkali, so the medium contains dilute alkali pressure vessel, must take measures to eliminate the possibility of rare Lye concentration conditions, such as take over the leakage, the container wall rough or the presence of rust and other porous substances.
4, in the process of running the pressure vessel, to eliminate the pressure vessel dripping, running leaking not only a waste of raw materials and energy, pollution of the working environment, but also often cause pressure vessel equipment corrosion, serious damage to the container can cause. In the case of
Third, the maintenance of the Gas Tank during deactivation:
1, the practice has proved that many Gas Tank accident is precisely to ignore the maintenance during the operation caused by the stop. In a sense, a poorly maintained Gas Tank during the deactivation period is even faster than the normal use of the container, because the deactivation of the pressure vessel is not only affected by the residual media in the unclean container, Corrosion of the atmosphere. In the atmosphere, when the water is not saturated with water to a certain temperature, the water vapor will be condensed from the air and pooled into a water film covering the surface of the tank. If the metal surface is rough or the surface is attached with dust, dirt, or damage to the coating, etc., water vapor is more likely to precipitate and accumulate in these parts of the Gas Tank. Nitrogen, oxygen and other gas impurities in the air and sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen chloride and so can be dissolved in the water film to form electrolyte solution, which has the conditions of electrochemical corrosion. The conditions that affect the corrosion are the atmospheric temperature and humidity first, followed by the impurity composition and its content in the air, the chemical composition of the tank wall material, the roughness of the wall surface of the container, and the contamination.