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Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Aquarium CO2 Tank
- Jul 07, 2017 -

Matters needing attention in the use of Aquarium CO2 Tank

The air tightening machine should be clean and dry. Aqua carbon dioxide tank must be placed in a high ventilation area, with a radius of 15m not to be used for welding or thermal task.

2. The hydrocarbon-dioxide tanks and pipelines should be tested at least once every two years. The pressure gauge and the safety valve should be checked at least once a year.

3. The air retrencher must be carried out in a no-load mode, Aquarium CO2 Tank and after normal operation, it will gradually enter into the load operation.

4. Before opening the air delivery valve, the gas pipeline should be connected and the gas pipeline should be maintained, which can not be distorted and tell the relevant personnel to be able to deliver the gas. There is no task or standing before the air outlet. Aqua carbon dioxide canisters should be placed in a ventilated area, with no sun exposure and high temperature baking. 5. The maximum pressure in the hydrocarbon-dioxide tank can not exceed the nameplate rule. The safe valve should be available.

6. Inlet, exhaust valve, bearing and parts should be as loud or overheated.

7. When one of the following situations is found, you should immediately stop and reflect upon the reason for your work. The indicator of pressure gauge, Aquarium CO2 Tank thermometer and ammeter exceeds the rule; The exhaust pressure suddenly rises, the exhaust valve, the safe valve drop the effect; The machine has a different ring or motor brush fire.

8, such as negative cylinder overheating caused by shortage of water in the operation and downtime, means less immediately add cold water, necessary for cylinder block of natural cooling below 60 ℃ talents with water.

9. Electric and air pressure electromechanical source wire devices must be in line with the requirements of ping an electricity standard, repeatedly grounded and reliable, and the electric shock maintenance device is active and active. If there is a power failure in operation, the power supply should be cut off immediately and then restart after a call.

10. When the machine is down, the load should be removed, then the main separation party shall be separated. To suspend the operation of internal combustion engine or electric thought.

After the shutdown, close the cooling water valve, turn open air valve, and release the oil and water and gas storage in the cooler and water tank. When the temperature is below 5 ℃, all parts should be after water is put, ability to leave.

12. When using the tightening air to blow the parts, it is strictly forbidden to target the human body or other equipment.

The mission ends up releasing the gas from the water. In winter, there should be lost cooling water.

The yearly check of aquatic animals co2 tank mainly aquatic carbon dioxide cans use fixed number of year, within five years, do yearly check every year as long as the safety valve, pressure gauge, if more than 5 years and the tanks of water pressure to detect. Before 2008, the hydrocarbon-dioxide canisters produced before 2008 were generally used for 5 years. The average age of the Aquarium CO2 Tank can be 7 years.

1. Abide by the common rules of safe operation of water - family carbon dioxide tank.

2. Before driving, reflect on all the safety and installation of the installation and safety accessories in the form of intact, and reflect on whether the smooth oil surface of the whole land can meet the specifications. Don't drive without meeting the requirement.

3, Aquarium CO2 Tank, pipe joint list of introspection once a year, all inspection and hydrostatic strength experiment on schedule once every three years, and should be specific, Aquarium CO2 Tank note the tasks on the Aquarium CO2 Tank pressure, next inspection date, and are issued by the professional inspection unit "missile d etection pass certificate", without the missile d etection of aquatic animals pass not use co2 tank.

The safety valve must press the pressure according to the pressure of the operation, Aquarium CO2 Tank each class pull, the reflection once, the weekly do - the active launch experiment and every six month and the standard pressure gauge correction once, and the lead seal.