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Leading To Carbon Fiber Air Tank Explosion Reasons
- Aug 18, 2017 -

Leading to Carbon Fiber Air Tank explosion reasons
Prevention of shell defects
Carbon Fiber Air Tank is one of the Carbon Fiber Air Tank . Carbon Fiber Air Tank is a special equipment, the State Quality and Technical Supervision issued Jiangli container safety technology inspection procedures "on the Carbon Fiber Air Tank design, manufacture, installation, quality inspection, operation, monitoring and maintenance management are strictly regulated, must strictly abide by The Any one part of the negligence, there may be a serious explosion.
2 Carbon Fiber Air Tank overpressure prevention measures
The establishment of Carbon Fiber Air Tank pressure protection device, once the overpressure can automatically power. Pressure regulator, safety valve must be properly debugged to ensure flexible and reliable. Operators must be familiar with and should follow the air compressor and Carbon Fiber Air Tank safety procedures.
3 Precipitation measures for carbon deposition
Reasonable selection of cylinder lubricants types and grades, strict control of the amount of lubricants, refueling not too much or too little, should follow the equipment technical documents. Control the exhaust temperature, one is to strengthen the air compressor cooling system point inspection, such as the rational use of cooling water quality, timely removal of the cooler pipe wall and cylinder water cooling wall fouling, control cooling water into and out of temperature; Road, Carbon Fiber Air Tank gas temperature and strengthen the maintenance, improve the quality of accessories to ensure that the valve does not leak to prevent gas circulation compression; Third, the establishment of various levels of exhaust temperature, Carbon Fiber Air Tank temperature, cooling water temperature Protection device, in the overclocking can automatically cut off the power. Strengthen the suction filter, prevent the inhalation of the gas dust and more and contain hard particles; strengthen the Carbon Fiber Air Tank cleaning, to prevent the carbon layer is too thick; to improve the sealing effect of the box to prevent the crankcase oil into the cylinder into the Carbon Fiber Air Tank .
4 Pipeline vibration precautions
Design the air pipe in a timely manner, should minimize the elbow, valve and reducer, or bend the curvature of the radius of a large, to reduce the exciting force. Install the equipment in strict accordance with the design requirements for installation. For the use of the tube has been used in the vibration can be installed near the compressor near the buffer, Carbon Fiber Air Tank is also a buffer, if the volume is not large enough, it should be appropriate to increase the pulse to reduce the pressure The unevenness. If you find a section of tube vibration strong, first to determine the cause of vibration, if not mechanical resonance, can be used to tighten or tighten the tube or place a pipe to support some of the methods to solve, but to choose in the tube Of the appropriate location.
 The inner and outer surfaces of carbon fiber air can produce corrosion. The outer wall of the container is generally corrosive to the atmosphere. The corrosive effects of the atmosphere are closely related to the area and the season. In dry areas or seasons, the corrosion of the atmosphere is much lighter than in humid or rainy seasons.
The corrosion of the outer wall of the Carbon Fiber Air Tank is mostly caused by parts that are often in a wet state and are liable to accumulate moisture or moisture. In the contact surface of the container and the bracket, the part of the container in contact with the ground is prone to corrosion. The corrosion of the inner wall of the container is mainly due to the working medium or the impurities it contains. In general, the working medium has a significant role in the corrosion of the container, the design are taken anti-corrosion measures, such as the use of corrosion-resistant materials, surface treatment or surface coating, lining in the inner wall and so on. As a result, the corrosion of the inner walls of these Carbon Fiber Air Tank s is often caused by the destruction of corrosion protection measures.
The corrosion of the inner wall of the Carbon Fiber Air Tank may also be caused by the destruction of the normal process conditions. For example, the dry chlorine does not corrode the steel container, and if the chlorine gas contains water or chlorine filled with the water pressure test No dry, or for other reasons into the water, the chlorine and water generated hydrochloric acid or hypochlorous acid, the container wall to produce a strong corrosive effect.