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If You Buy Air Compressor Gas Tank Found No Gas Tank Certificate
- Oct 20, 2017 -

If you buy air compressor Gas Tank found no Gas Tank certificate
Air compressor Gas Tank has been considered to be safe special equipment, but if it is due to its manufacturing, design, installation, use of all aspects of management is not standardized, the accumulation of various risks integrated role may also occur explosion, and even lead to more serious The consequences. So we air compressor tank must be in accordance with the operating method to do, do not be lazy, or buy cheap not qualified to produce the Gas Tank.
1 cubic 10 kg contains 1 cubic 10 kg The following is a simple pressure vessel, this is not required to check, the country built from the date of the nameplate manufacturing date 7 years from the inspection, but only for the tank ontology.
Accessories: safety valve, the pressure gauge is to be strong, and must go to the local Quality Supervision Bureau to check, so that users can make better use, if the pressure gauge is bad, your terminal gas do not know to Time is how much pressure to use, you can not be safe to use, afraid of the emergence of Gas Tank situation, because the air compressor also has a safety valve, the tank body also has a safety valve.
Air storage tank storage medium is generally air, nitrogen or oxygen and the like, so no harm to humans.
The use of simple procedures. The pressure vessel can be divided into a fixed pressure vessel and a simple pressure vessel according to the volume and pressure. Generally 1 cubic 10 kilograms of the following are simple pressure vessels. In accordance with the provisions of the State Quality Supervision Bureau, Gas Tank the special equipment such as gas cylinders must be checked regularly, only after passing the test can be used normally. But the simple pressure vessel in the recommended life, is not required to carry out periodic inspection, only the user is responsible for its Gas Tank own security can be.
cut costs. Simple pressure vessels do not require periodic inspection within the recommended service life, thus saving the relevant inspection costs to a certain extent for our customers. Also convenient for users to use.
The Gas Tank has a simple pressure vessel and a fixed pressure vessel. Many customers must have a simple pressure vessel. The specifications of the simple pressure vessel are: 0.3m3 / 0.8MPa 0.3m3 / 1.0MPa 0.5m3 / 0.8MPa 0.5m3 / 1.0MPa 0.6m3 /0.8MPa 0.6m3 / 1.0MPa 1.0m3 / 0.8MPa 1.0m3 / 1.0MPa These tanks can be used directly after purchase, the use of units do not need to go to the local Technical Supervision to register for the record. However, the use of fixed pressure vessels must be used to the local technical supervision of the use of registration certificate.
As with the air compressor with a cold and dry machine supporting the use of, so many manufacturers or end customers will specify a supplier of collective procurement of these machinery and equipment. So, many customers are less aware of these things. Such as air compressor tank is required to the quality supervision department for the record after the registration can be used. Of course, at the time of the factory has been with the jar out of an air compressor Gas Tank certificate, the document is also the use of air compressor tank is one of the important identity cards.
Almost all of the special equipment in the use of the need to register for the legitimate use of the record. Of course, if you buy 1m3 below the air compressor tank is not required for annual inspection. Here Xiaobian to remind customers that the air compressor Gas Tank certificate is very important, because the re-fill up very troublesome. If you buy air compressor Gas Tank found no Gas Tank certificate, the air compressor tank you can completely refuse. There is no Gas Tank certificate of air compressor Gas Tank in the use is found to be a huge fines and ordered to stop working.