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How To Transport A Medical Oxygen Tank While Travel By Your Car
- Sep 04, 2017 -

How to transport a medical Oxygen tank while travel


Today, travel by bus is becoming more and more popular for people in modern society. But is it impossible for people who will need support of medical Oxygen sometimes? The answer is no. They can carry the Oxygen tank together with them while travel. The Oxygen tank can be portable one or larger one. How to handle with the larger Oxygen tank in safety?



First, read the manufacturer's instructions located on the label of the tank. It contains detailed instructions and precautions that must be taken when handling the oxygen cylinders.

Be sure your hands keep from any oil or grease. You should not handle oxygen tanks with slippery hands.

Make sure Oxygen tank is free of leaks and cracks before you load it onto your vehicle. Inspect the area around the valve and the pressure relief device. If the tank contains any dents, is gouged or pitted, then you should not handle it.

Place a protective valve cap on each tank. Secure and store tanks in a portable cylinder rack or cart fitted.

These carts have locking mechanisms that safely keep cylinders in place in an upright position. The tanks should not block any aisles or exits.


Most importantly, store away from sources of heat and potential sparks.