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How To Dive As Long As Possible By A SCUBA Tank?
- May 16, 2017 -

1/ Breathe Deeply and Slowly 

 Don’t tank lots of short, shallow breaths. You should breathe in deeply and slowly and slowly exhale. Do not hold your breath to try and decrease air consumption.

2/ Stop Moving

Not moving around underwater. It will consumes  you the more air. Remember move Less, save air.

Keep your hands out your side or held in front of you (or whatever position you are comfortable with). Try to do like the experienced divers to just float along and barely move.

3/ Streamline Everything

Make sure you have nothing dangling from your gear setup. This will create drag and increase air consumption. So get rid of those scuba accessories you don't use and have everything clipped and close to your body.

4/ Get Neutrally Buoyant

Ideally, you want to be able to stay level at the safety stop with no air in your BC and about 500 psi in your tank.


5/ Stop Leaks

Leaks here and there can use up a noticeable amount of air. Check your O-rings, inflater hose and connection points.

6/ Stay Horizontal

The more vertical you are, the greater the resistance swimming against the water and the more air you will consume. You many have to adjust where your weights, tank, BC are if you find yourself going vertical all the time.

7/ Go Shallower



If you are concerned about your dive being cut short,  you can always ascend a few feet above the group so you will use less air


  8/  To be slow, relax and enjoy your diving, it your ideal after all.