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How Should The Gas Tank Purchase Choose? Teach You A Few Strokes
- Sep 01, 2017 -

How should the Gas Tank purchase choose? Teach you a few strokes
First of all, should choose large enterprises, well-known brands of products. These enterprises not only the strict implementation of GB150-98 "steel pressure vessel" standard, but also the formation of their own business standards, while these enterprises advanced production equipment, strict production process management, the use of raw materials of good quality. Although the prices of these enterprises may be relatively expensive, but when used to ensure that products, with the rest assured. In addition, through a variety of quality system certification of the production of products is preferred.
Second look at the appearance. The appearance of the product reflects its grade and value, only the formal strength of the manufacturers have advanced equipment assurance and a good quality assurance system to ensure that the appearance of goods grade. A good quality of the tank trademark is very clear, 50 meters away from the Gas Tank can clearly know the brand of the Gas Tank. Approached the Gas Tank, the tank itself color bright, uniform surface treatment, weld formation, clear lines, so it is best to buy new products.
Three is to see the product nameplate. On the nameplate should indicate the name of the manufacturer, the name of the inspection unit and the date of production, whether there is a seal of the inspection unit in the upper right corner of the nameplate, and the name, weight and volume of the product must be indicated on the nameplate The pressure of the highest pressure and the working pressure and the pressure test of the water pressure, the medium of the Gas Tank shall be indicated. The steel mark of the product must be located directly below the nameplate of the tank. The number of the steel mark and the nameplate must be identical. Found that the two numbers are inconsistent, it is best not to buy.
Fourth, look at the quality assurance. According to the relevant provisions of the state, each Gas Tank factory must be equipped with a quality guarantee, quality assurance is to prove that the Gas Tank qualified important documents, if there is no quality assurance, even if the price of low-cost Gas Tank, but in order to ensure Use the security, the user is best not to buy.
Five is to see the qualifications of manufacturing enterprises. A strong brand-name enterprises, owned by the qualifications and honor is not an ordinary business can be compared. There are some small enterprises despite the pressure vessel manufacturing license, but the overall equipment is outdated, management is not very standardized, the production of the Gas Tank is easy to exist security risks, so the average user to buy, it is best to more comprehensive understanding of the All aspects of business qualifications, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.
At any time drainage, then afraid of rust, what is a good way to deal with? The tank is the pressure vessel, the manufacturer's qualification is very strict. And the Gas Tank can get the pressure vessel license, then prove that the design of the Gas Tank is qualified, according to national standards, the design of the tank has been fully taken into account when the corrosion of condensate may be, our country's corrosion margin It is great. As long as the regular manufacturers of gas cylinders, Gas Tank you have half a pot of water, it is impossible to rust the drain for ten years, unless the compressed air contains acidic or alkaline ingredients. It is normal to have this problem, do not worry. Let go on the line
If the air compressor gas comes out into the tank, through the tank, filter, and then to the dryer. As the air compressor shrink air under the action of the Gas Tank, the air through the Gas Tank when the high-speed air strikes to the tank wall to the confluence of the Gas Tank in the temperature of the rapid landing, so that a lot of water vapor Liquefaction, and thus remove a lot of water and oil, thereby reducing the heavy load of cold and dry machine (here we can do an experiment: in the tank when there is compressed air, the following blown valve hit full, let Gas from the discharge valve out, not long, there will be two possible: ① sewage valve is cold, and can see the ice discharge; ② Gas Tank because the ice block will show the remaining 3 to 4 kg of pressure Where the compressed air is passed through the Gas Tank, because the tank can store a certain amount of air, and the output pressure is relatively stable, smooth air flow through the filter and The filter filter function is also greatly improved, is the filter life has also been extended in the precision filter after the main tank to play a buffer and energy storage role, so that the air into the workshop stable and stable input!