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Dry Gas Tank
- Feb 15, 2017 -

① oil sealed gas tank. The cross section of the barrel and the piston is a regular polygon. The polygon has an I-shaped post on the corner. The panel, the roof and the piston floor are made of 5 to 6 mm thick steel plate to suppress the composition of the groove, with a certain bending strength and stiffness. The upper part of the piston is arranged in a radial arrangement. The upper and lower ends of the truss are equipped with guide wheels. When the piston is lifted, the guide wheel glides along the column. The outside of the tank along the whole height of about 15 meters around a circular corridor. Sealing mechanism is the piston outside the oil tank and skateboard, oil tank filled with mineral oil to seal the gas under the piston.

② grease sealed gas tank. The cross section of the cylinder is round. The outside of the cylinder wall at a certain distance from the set of I-beam column, and along the height of the installation of a number of circular corridor, in order to strengthen the rigidity of thin-walled cylinder. The piston is spherical. The top surface of the piston is arranged along the outer periphery of the truss, the truss up and down there is a guide wheel, along the cylinder wall with the piston lift up and down. The truss and guide wheel also prevent the piston from tilting during operation. The sealing mechanism of the gas tank is composed of a sealing ring and a pressing device which are pressed with cotton cloth and rubber interlayer. Seal between the seal and the tank wall to enhance the sealing performance, and reduce the friction.

③ soft membrane sealed gas tank. The shape is cylindrical, similar to the tank. The tank has a spherical shell piston. The piston is sealed with a soft membrane, and the other end of the flexible membrane is connected to the inside of the tank wall. In this way, in the piston below the formation of a closed space, when the piston lift, the sealed soft film followed up and down scrolling. The outer surface of the piston is mounted with a helical corrugated plate consisting of a sleeve guardrail to prevent lateral deformation of the soft membrane. The tank is provided with a balancing device for automatically correcting the inclination of the piston.