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Carbon Fiber Bottle Basic Introduction
- Feb 15, 2017 -

▲ light weight, the use of more comfortable and comfortable

6.8L carbon fiber cylinders

6.8L carbon fiber cylinders

▲ safe and reliable, more solid than steel cylinders (no explosion)

▲ can choose cylinder capacity: 0.5 liters, 1.1 liters, 6.8 liters, 9 liters and so on

▲ bottle thread standard system: M18x1.5

▲ meet European or American standards

▲ carbon fiber cylinder detection:

According to the new European standards: carbon fiber cylinders need to be tested every five years

According to the US standard: carbon fiber cylinders need to be tested every three years

Carbon fiber winding compound gas cylinders, using ANSYS software for winding stress analysis design, the use of Japan's TORAY company's production of high-quality carbon fiber, imported epoxy resin, the winding, high temperature curing more than 10 processes finished, than metal cylinders , Aluminum alloy seamless cylinders) with better performance, the cylinder working pressure 30Mpa, thereby increasing the storage capacity, weight than the same volume of metal cylinders to reduce 50%, so that users more easily, in the high-rise or deep Of the underground, such as mines encountered in the case of ambulance or serious disaster situation more convenient to use. Composite cylinders are also poor conductor of electricity, and composite cylinders are neutral in erosion and corrosion, making them safer.