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Beverage CO2 Tank Parts Quality Judgment
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Screw air compressor Beverage CO2 Tank Maintenance Replacement of the accessories are free filter, oil filter, oil core, screw air compressor oil. The quality of these accessories how do we judge?
Air filter can be seen out of the basic, it is mainly to see the filter paper density and quality of the naked eye can be seen out, if the quality is not good will lead to a lot of impurities and dust to the screw compressor Beverage CO2 Tank internal, easy to plug the oil Core, will produce internal pressure is too high, resulting in the safety valve to open the fuel injection.
Oil filter is not good to identify the quality of good or bad, mainly to see the time to use the judge, if not to the specified time ahead of the alarm blockage or oil pressure is small, the exhaust temperature is too high, these are mostly caused by oil filter plug Of the oil filter if the quality is not good also prone to air compressor repair failure.
Oil core this consumable, is also the most expensive one of the four supplies, the reason why he is high because of his high cost, the quality of imported oil core is better, his pressure ratio and oil filter that is very good , The general replacement of imported oil core basic protection will not appear oil core failure.
Oil tank is the blood of the air compressor, there is no good oil, air compressor is basically impossible to run. We all know that the air compressor manufacturers do not produce screw air compressor oil, screw air compressor oil is basically a kind of oil, 8000 hours of synthetic oil and 4000 hours of semi-synthetic oil, there are 2000 hours of mineral Oil is the more common three grades. Choose a good synthetic oil is more important to the air compressor.
Beverage CO2 Tank is the lifeblood of factory production. Regular maintenance and maintenance of Beverage CO2 Tank is a prerequisite for ensuring proper operation. The host is the core part of the air compressor, long-term high-speed operation, similar to most of the running machine, its running to a certain time or age must be preventive overhaul, because the air compressor host after a long high-speed operation There will be the following questions:
1 gap increases
A, the distance between the host's yin and yang rotor increases. The direct consequence is that the Beverage CO2 Tank is leaking (i.e., back to the leak) during the compression process, and the volume of compressed air discharged from the machine becomes smaller. Reflected in terms of efficiency is the compression efficiency of the compressor.
B, the gap between the yin and yang rotor and the rear cover and the bearing increases, which will mainly affect the sealing and compression efficiency of the Beverage CO2 Tank compressor, and will have a great influence on the service life of the yin and yang rotors because many mechanical failures The initial cause is caused by the gap between the bearing and the spindle.
2 wear increases
As we all know, as long as the machine is in Beverage CO2 Tank operation are wear and tear, under normal circumstances because there is lubrication fluid lubrication, wear will reduce a lot, but long-term high-speed operation, wear is slowly increasing. Sweden SKF bearings, for example: in almost impossible conditions (such as long-term idle, the lubricant is clean enough, the cooling system is good enough, and the use of ambient temperature, humidity, etc.), can only guarantee a few years. On the compressor host, in addition to the bearing there are other parts of the wear and tear. Such as mild wear does not take the correct precautions, it is easy to cause wear and tear, resulting in other major parts of the damage and wear.
3 parts deformation
Beverage CO2 Tank is the core compression component of the compressor, its internal parts are in high temperature, high pressure environment, coupled with high-speed operation, the length of time there must be parts of the phenomenon of deformation. At the same time, the causes of Beverage CO2 Tank deformation are the use of environmental factors, and air compressor general use of the environment there will be dust and impurities in the air, these small solid material into the machine after the accumulation of large solid Block, it may cause the yin and yang rotor deformation, the gap increases, will lead to serious host stuck.