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Aquarium CO2 Tank Role And Function
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Aquarium CO2 Tank role and function
What are the functions and functions of Aquarium CO2 Tank? Users using air compressors must be equipped with an appropriate Aquarium CO2 Tank for storage of gas. Now more and more different types of Aquarium CO2 Tank products are used in the industry. Aquarium CO2 Tank not only can store gas, reduce the temperature, remove impurities and moisture in the air but also stable air pressure, ease the impact and so on. Here are some of these features for an overview, so that we better understand the role of Aquarium CO2 Tank and what functions?
First of all, Aquarium CO2 Tank storage gas function, can be in the air compressor failure or the occurrence of other emergencies when used. But also can solve the system may appear in the gas contradictions.
Second, reduce the temperature, remove the impurities in the air and water function, can reduce the workload of other equipment, so that all kinds of equipment can be sufficient and have a certain quality of gas.
Finally, the stability of the pressure, ease the impact of the function, can reduce or even eliminate the air compressor output air flow caused by the impact of stable air pressure to ensure the stability of the output gas and continuity.
We are the leading aquarium CO2 Tank manufacturer in China ", has obtained ISO9001: 2008 certificate, the main production Aquarium CO2 Tank, piston air compressor, screw piston air compressor, fixed screw air compressor, advanced technology, quality Reliable, has passed CE, TUV certification, and successfully exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, more than 120 countries and regions .Aquarium CO2 Tank is a canned equipment, specifically used to store And storage and transportation of gas. When pouring, pay attention to the connection of the pipeline closed, filling pressure changes, to form a certain pressure, pay special attention to the scene of fire, static .Aquarium CO2 Tank installed air compressor, not only can store compressed air , Reducing the pressure pulsation caused by the continuous discharge of the compressor exhaust, achieving a balance between air supply and gas, and reducing the temperature of the compressed air and reducing the load on the desirably and desiccant. The Acarium CO2 Tank is commonly used in industrial and private sectors Wait.
Compressed air Aquarium CO2 Tank, not only can store a certain amount of gas, and the output air pressure is relatively stable, while reducing the air temperature, remove part of the water, dust, impurities. Aquarium CO2 Tank uses high-quality materials for raw materials, the use of advanced welding technology operations, passed the ISO9001 certification, through any security checks. Aquarium CO2 Tank main role: to reduce the piston air compressor discharge airflow pulsation, improve the continuity of the output air flow and pressure stability, further precipitation of compressed air in the water and oil, to ensure the continuous supply of sufficient gas .Aquarium CO2 Tank can be used in parallel or single. Aquarium CO2 Tank is a pressure vessel manufactured by pressure vessel appointed factory. Each vessel is provided with container inspection certificate and accessories such as safety valve, blowdown valve and pressure gauge. Moisture - the relative humidity in the atmosphere is generally as high as 65% or more, after compression condensation, it becomes wet saturated air, and entrain a lot of liquid water droplets。