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Application Of Aquarium CO2 Tank In Mobile Air Compressor Industry
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Application of Aquarium CO2 Tank in mobile air compressor industry
Aquarium CO2 Tank can not only store a certain amount of gas, and the output air pressure is relatively stable, while reducing the temperature in the air, remove part of the water, dust, impurities. Aquarium Carbon cans are made of high quality materials for raw materials, using advanced welding technology operations, passed the ISO9001 certification, through any safety inspection. Aquarium carbon dioxide tank main role: to reduce the piston air compressor discharge airflow pulsation, improve the continuity of the output air flow and pressure stability, further precipitation of compressed air in the water and oil, to ensure the continuous supply of sufficient gas. Cans can be used in parallel, but also a single with; Aquarium CO2 Tank is a pressure vessel, sentinel factory by the pressure vessel, each with a container inspection and safety valve, sewage valve and pressure gauge and other accessories. Moisture - the relative humidity in the atmosphere is generally as high as 65% or more, after compression condensation, it becomes wet saturated air, and entrain a lot of liquid water droplets, they are equipment, pipes and valves rust the root causes of winter ice will block Small hole in pneumatic system.
    It is worth noting that even if the pure saturated air is separated from the net, with the decrease of the temperature, there will still be condensed water, about 10 ℃ lower, the saturated water content will drop by 50%, that is, half of the water vapor Into liquid water droplets (see Table 1). It is necessary to use a multi-stage separation filter in a compressed air system or to preheat compressed air to a certain relative humidity. The Aquarium CO2 Tank is a device specifically designed to store gas. Aquariums are commonly used to store and store. According to the Aquarium CO2 Tank cans can be divided into stainless steel gas cylinders, carbon steel stainless steel aquarium carbon dioxide cans, according to the Aquarium CO2 Tank cans can be divided into stainless steel tank, carbon steel stainless steel aquarium carbon dioxide cans, low-pressure aquarium carbon dioxide cans, Alloy material rust stainless steel Aquarium CO2 Tank.
    (The first and second class) pressure vessel design, the manufacturing unit is the current domestic D1, D2 level (one, two) air separation equipment (the first two categories) Aquarium carbon dioxide tank) the largest manufacturer. Can produce volume 0.3M3-70.0M3, a total of more than 100 specifications of the series of vertical aquarium carbon dioxide cans, sales network of more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide nearly 100 dealers. At the same time with dozens of compressors plant supporting the production of micro-air compressor pressure vessel. In addition, according to user needs (to map sample) to undertake other kinds of DI. DZ class (one. Two) pressure vessel design, manufacture. Water tank, compressor, air compressor, air compressor, screw compressor, dryer, explosion-proof air compressor, high pressure compressor, screw air compressor, compressor manufacturer, air compressor manufacturer, supply Aqua cans
    "We are China's leading Aquarium CO2 Tank manufacturer", has been ISO9001: 2008 certificate, the main production Aquarium CO2 Tank, piston air compressor, screw piston air compressor, fixed screw air compressor, advanced technology, Reliable, has passed CE, TUV certification, and successfully exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, more than 120 countries and regions. Aquarium CO2 Tank is a canned equipment specially designed to store and store gas. Pouring, pay attention to the connection of the pipeline closed, filling pressure changes, to form a certain pressure, pay special attention to the scene of fire, static electricity. Aquarium cans not only store compressed air, reduce the pressure pulsation caused by the continuous discharge of the compressor exhaust, achieve the balance of air supply and gas, and reduce the temperature of the compressed air, Desiccant load. Aqua cans are commonly used in industrial and private sectors.
The appearance of the product reflects a grade and value, only the integrity of the manufacturers have advanced equipment to ensure and ensure a good quality assurance system to ensure that the appearance of goods grade. A well-known Aquarium CO2 Tank trademark is very clear, in the Aquarium CO2 Tank 50 meters can clearly know the Aquarium CO2 Tank brand. Approached the Aquarium CO2 Tank, the tank itself is bright and bright, the surface treatment is average, the weld is smooth, the lines are clear, so it is best to buy the new production products.