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Safe use of oxygen cylinders | Safety knowledge
- Feb 15, 2017 -


◆ When transporting oxygen cylinders, tighten the helmet and wear the bottle

◆ transport process, light loading and unloading, to avoid collision

◆ prohibit rolling on the ground or falling from a height

◆ to prevent flammable, oil and oil with the oxygen and the goods with the vehicle transport


◆ Oxygen cylinders should avoid sun exposure, away from high temperature, open flame and metal spatter

◆ 10 meters within the ban on the accumulation of flammable materials

◆ Oxygen cylinders should be stored upright, screw cap, to prevent grease and dust into the bottle, and a railing and bracket fixed to prevent tilt

◆ Oxygen cylinders should be more than 1 meter from radiator and other heat sources


◆ install the pressure relief valve, slowly open the cylinder valve, blow out the dust inside and outside the interface, install the valve, and then open the valve check

◆ operation, people should not be faced in the interface side of the interface

◆ Check the hose connector without dust and metal shavings to connect

◆ leather tube removed, not the sky put, do not put on the ground, so as not to enter the impurities

◆ oxygen inside the bottle can not be completely used up, to retain 1 to 1.5 atmospheres, in order to check the gas and prevent the entry of impurities

◆ When used in winter, thawed bottle valve can only use hot water or steam, it is strictly prohibited to use flame or iron hammer

◆ in the same place with the welders operating, in order to prevent the cylinder charged, should be in the bottom of the insulation pad

◆ metal pipe and equipment in contact with the cylinder should be installed grounding wire to prevent static electricity caused by fire and explosion